About Sonink


Sonink (or Sonic-Ink) is the place where I (Joe Munoz) review the albums that I buy.

Since I am talking about music that I pay for (and perhaps other things)*, that usually means that I like the artist or have bought some of the artist's prior records. So naturally review scores are going to be a bit higher as compared to other review sites.

I still believe in the album. Yes, this belief is a bit antiquated especially with music being mostly downloaded, streamed, or purchased one song at a time. But since I like whole albums, I thought I'd write about whole albums.

Rating Methodology

The album rating is a score on a scale of 1 to 5 occasionally including some fractional values. This number is calculated as the average of the scores for each track on the album.

All album reviews will include a track-by-rating. Each track is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with no fractional value.

I believe that this is a good way to gauge how much I liked the album. I do not rate tracks that I consider to be "not part of the album". This is at my discretion but is usually reserved for really short tracks or interludes (you gotta love Hip-Hop!). Sometimes I'll also exclude tracks that appear on a limited or special edition of the album.


Sonink started out in 2008 as a project between my brother and myself. It was going to be a music-blog with content shared by multiple collaborators.

As time went on, we recruited a number of eager contributors and we amassed a decent amount of content. However, as is usually the case when you have no business model and no revenue, it was hard to keep the collaborators motivated. Because of this, I tried to make the site more social and more of a content aggregation experience.

That didn't work out either.

My collaborators quit and I lost my desire to work on this site.

Then that changed when I was thinking about why I had built this thing in the first place. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to bring it back as something simple, basic, and pure.

So here we are today (again). Since I've been responsible for the vision and the majority of the content of this site anyhow, I decided to bring things back to where it's just me talking about the albums that I buy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Which brings us today and essentially version 4.1 of Sonink. It's been a long journey and a good one that has taught me a lot about myself as well as technology. I've been responsible for all the technical responsibilities of this site and because of that have been able to use it as an excuse to learn a whole bunch of interesting stuff.

I can't say that the new reviews will always be lengthy and involved. I can't promise that the writing will be good. But I can promise to keep at this thing (at totally random intervals) in the hopes that someone else out there finds some new music that they like.


Shout out to my brother Jesse Molina for starting this thing off with me all those years ago.

Shout out to Shawn Jackson for the original logo design (and current favicon) and all the beats you shared here.

Shout out to Andy Gandara and Miikka Skaffari for being awesome contributors for so long.

Shout out to Patricia Munoz for being very supportive in all my random side projects.
Shout out to my son Jonah for being born!


4.0 - Moved from 100% custom CMS and hosting over to Ghost.

4.1 - Upgraded to SSL + Cleaned Up Content + Added Favicon + Put Content Behind CDN + Updated About Page

*Going to be sticking to the music here. Nobody wants to hear me rant...ok, well, I don't want to hear me rant.