"Yes Lawd!" by NxWorries

As NxWorries, Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge vibe together over 19 tracks of 70's-soul influenced nostalgia that is essentially an ode to blacksploitation.

Yes Lawd

Stones Throw Records


Music doesn't have to adhere to a set structure. Sometimes it's about creating a vibe. In particular, Hip-Hop and Soul music often break the rules of song structure. NxWorries is a group comprised of singer/mc Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge and their collaboration creates plenty of moments of groove that often feels as if they are jamming together to see what shakes out. Thankfully, they are able to create some compelling and mellowed-out soul tracks even if those tracks sound totally spontaneous.

My main gripe with the record is the use of the well-worn Hip-Hop trope of calling women "bitches". I look at it as Anderson .Paak being in the mindset of a pimp in a blacksploitation movie - like he's playing a character. It is - at least - all very tongue-in-cheek so it makes this particular worrisome aspect a bit more tolerable than on most R&B/Hip-Hop albums that truck in the same subjects.

I want you
So I'll give up my sidepiece just to make room
I just want you
I want you
So I'll give up my sidepiece and make it come true - Anderson .Paak on "Sidepiece"

...see, now that's love when you are willing to give up your "sidepiece"!

As long as you don't try to take this album too seriously (because NxWorries aren't) then you'll have a good time. Especially if you are at all a fan of 1970's-era blacksploitation movies and music. And why wouldn't you be? There are plenty of good classic soul music from that era of and genre of cinema. And NxWorries is doing that style of music in a way that is both new and different even while wearing their influences on their sleeves.

4.000 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Intro (00:48)
2. Livin (02:45) 4
3. Wngs (01:36) 5
4. Best One (03:14) 4
5. What More Can I Say (02:36) 4
6. Kutlus (02:07) 5
7. Lyk Dis (02:30) 5
8. Can't Stop (02:01) 5
9. Get Bigger/Do U Luv (04:04) 5
10. Khadijah (02:02) 5
11. H.A.N. (02:49) 3
12. Scared Money (02:57) 3
13. Suede (02:54) 5
14. Starlight (03:23) 3
15. Sidepiece (03:46) 4
16. Jodi (01:09) 3
17. Link Up (03:31) 3
17. Another Time (02:27) 3
18. Fkku (02:11) 3