"Lineage" by Shigeto


Ghostly International


I didn't listen to as much bleep bloop music as I did last year because ShawnJ's in art school and he was my source of TEH HOT beats for most of 2011. So I mostly stuck to peeps I already knew about. Shigeto being one of said peeps. I love his downtempo electronic music goodness - especially after a few listens of Lineage. That said, I just wish there were more of it to listen to.

I think 2012 was the year where Dubstep took the spotlight away from 2011's so-called "Beat Scene". I have become of the opinion that the Skrillex-style "kill music in a horror movie" is not really my thing. I know that proponents of the genre find that earlier not-so-popular examples of the genre are quite different, but I must confess to being ignorant when it comes to these artists. Personally, I prefer the more downtempo, contemplative "Beat Scene" artists (e.g. - Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Nosaj Thing, Teebs, etc..) of which Shigeto is one. I'd rather play a beat scene track at 3am and think about life than to head-bang to the soundtrack to a meat clever weilding maniac. But to each their own.

"Lineage" is really more of an EP than an LP at what is really just 7 tracks (The first track is essentially a shorter version of the second, hence the non-inclusion in the overall album rating). That said, those seven tracks are quite enjoyable for fans of this style of music.

The majority of what's here is the perfect soundtrack for personal genuflection. Especially "Soaring" as it will put you in a contemplative mindstate. It makes me close my eyes and think about where I am and how I got here. About the decisions I've made and whether or not they were right. About people I love who are no longer with us. About things I want to accomplish, and about how I don't always focus on them. In short, it makes me think about life. That's what art is supposed to do; art exists to make you react and to me the stronger the reaction (regardless of the emotion) the better the art.

The only weak track (aside from the prologue being sort of unnecessary) is "Huron River Drive" which is contemplative yet not interesting enough to hold you.

4.429 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Lineage (Prologue) (02:55)
2. Lineage (03:08) 5
3. Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4 (04:22) 5
4. Soaring (03:38) 5
5. A Child's Mind (04:14) 4
6. Huron River Drive (02:40) 3
7. Field Trip (04:47) 5
8. Please Stay (03:52) 4