"Stone Rollin" by Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq
Stone Rollin'

Columbia Records


Seriously, does anyone do this style of music anymore? Well, yes. Raphael Saadiq does it as does Mayer Hawthorne. These guys are so earnest in their plagiarism of classic soul. You can't really call this "Neo-Soul" either. It's just straight up old Soul. It's too new to be classic...but give it some time.

Just listen to "Heart Attack" to hear what I mean. All classic Soul early Rock instruments. It even sounds like it was recorded in a session with the entire band in the room. There's an aged quality to the production that is completely different from say what you might here on a Jay-Z and Kanye West record. Some folks might say this is just more of the same as what Raphael has done before, but I say what's wrong with that?

If you have an old-Soul or still listen to Soul on AM radio for effect every once and a while, this will but the biggest possible smile on your face. This isn't Neo-Jazz either, it's just that classic Soul shit that created Rock and Roll. In fact, this demonstrates perfectly the origins of Rock and Roll music. Again I'm happy that there are no genres on the site anymore because this could be Rock or Soul. How about, Rockin' Soul? Shoot, the album isn't called "Stone Rollin'" for nothing.

Speaking of "Stone Rollin'", wow. I think Mayer Hawthorne is earnest and I like his music a lot, but THIS is what he's trying to amp. Or better yet, listen to "Good Man" which is more Soul than Rock and Roll.

I love this style of music and even the better when it is done so artfully with real musicians. If you love Classic Soul, well, then you probably already own this don't you?

4.400 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Heart Attack (03:03) 5
2. Go to Hell (04:20) 4
3. Radio (03:22) 5
4. Over You (02:31) 4
5. Stone Rollin' (03:37) 5
6. Day Dreams (03:20) 3
7. Movin' Down the Line (04:25) 5
8. Just Don't (05:17) 4
9. Good Man (03:46) 5
10. The Answer (09:30) 4