"Dive" by Tycho


Ghostly International


I got to see Tycho live recently and I was surprised at the amount of live instruments that are used to create the music. I don't normally imagine live instruments when I listen to this sort of music. That's not to say that folks who make instrumental music without live instrumentation can't make good music (I saw Teebs do a killer show and all he did was walk on stage with a sampler) it's just that I can appreciate this style so much more when I see live instruments on a stage. Visually, there's just more to look at. Hell, even Dr. Dre knows that live drums sound better than a drum machine. Even without the benefit of having seen that life performance, however, I think that it's obvious on the record itself that these are live instruments and not mere samples. Especially when it comes to the drums.

The titular track is the standout track. There's just a great vibe to the song that makes you feel at ease with life. It's truly the musical manifestation of the album cover. "Coastal Break" picks up not far from where the titular track leaves off (btw - what's with the sea references? Is this a Modest Mouse album?).

"Ascension" is a dark parallel universe clone of "You Belong To The City" that is beautiful and haunting and nearly steals the thunder of "Dive". Other standouts include "Adrift" and "Elegy".

As a fan of instrumental music, it's nice to hear it done with actual instruments. The nautical theme of this album carries over more than to just the titles. I can imagine myself floating on a barge in the middle of the sea searching for land and hoping to find salvation and perhaps my own true love when I listen to this.

4.400 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. A Walk (05:17) 4
2. Hours (05:44) 4
3. Daydream (05$:34) 4
4. Dive (08:20) 5
5. Coastal Brake (05:34) 5
6. Ascension (04:24) 5
7. Melanine (02:53) 3
8. Adrift (06:00) 5
9. Epigram (02:29) 4
10. Elegy (04:24) 5