"The Golden Age of Apocalypse" by Thundercat

The Golden Age of Apocalypse



Thundercat is not a cartoon about anthropomorphic cats. Thundercat is a bass virtuoso who is a good friends with Flying Lotus. So it should surprise all of you none that he's put out what is essentially a modern Jazz album. If you can get behind that, then you'll probably find lots to enjoy here. If you are expecting some electro-jazz shit ala FlyLo, well, maybe move on.

Well, it's a Jazz album brought to you by a bass-player and a keyboardist with the occasional super producer assist from Flying Lotus. As such, I dug the tracks that had lyrics more than just the space(cake)d-out Jazz joints. For some reason, just having a vocal on the track seemed to focus Thundercat in a way where the songs flowed more naturally. I know Jazz is supposed to be out not knowing where you are about to go next, but I don't smoke (any) enough weed to where that sort of unfocused randomness is going to appeal to me.

Check out "Daylight", "Is It Love?", and "Goldenboy" if you dig that downtempo Flying Lotus-like stuff because they are genuinely ill. But the rest was just too unfocused for me.

3.917 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. HooooooO (00:22)
2. Daylight (02:56) 5
3. Fleer Ultra (02:14) 4
4. Is It Love? (05:37) 5
5. For Love I Come (03:35) 5
6. It Really Doesn’t Matter to You (03:33) 3
7. Jamboree (03:45) 3
8. Boat Cruise (03:45) 3
9. Seasons (02:18) 4
10. Goldenboy (03:04) 5
11. Walkin’ (02:06) 4
12. Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of Apocalypse) (02:05) 2
13. Return to the Journey (02:04) 4