"Young the Giant" by Young the Giant

Young the Giant
Young the Giant

Roadrunner Records


KROQ puts on a great show with their Weenie Roast. This last year they had a small stage to compliment the main stage that had lots of smaller groups. Young The Giant are a band that played that small stage (announcing eagerly that they were natives of Irvine, California where the event was held). They put on a really good show. They tied for second best performance of that stage with Foster The People (Neon Trees easily took first place, they just killed it). It's interesting to me that those two bands resonated so much with me considering they are radio contemporaries. Though their instrumentation is quite different, I think that both bands represent a great ability to write songs that live on in your head long after you've turned off the radio.

Aside from the already minor hits in "Apartment", "My Body", and "Cough Syrup", take a listen to "I Got". There's a classicness (can I trademark that non-word?) to the song. I think that in many ways these songs are well-enough constructed to where if the band got a little more commercial success they would live on and be remembered for years to come. That's how much I like their songs. These aren't as outright "Pop" as what Foster The People put out but they still resonate very well. This is more the type of music that fills that gap of what is commonly referred to as "Alternative Rock". Again, this isn't Rock-your socks off music but it's not exactly sleepy Bon Iver either (think more Airborne Toxic Event or even Kaiser Chiefs).

The thing is, as great as the standouts are, this band may be a case of too much of a good thing for many people. They've definitely got a style that they don't really deviate from that much. So if you loved what you heard on the radio, there's maybe too much more of it here. Also, if you hated what you heard on the radio, well, then you are going to hate the rest of this as well.

That said, the standouts are all likely to be songs you've heard on the radio already. The rest of the album is very good, but not as great as what you are familiar with. Still, a great debut and a great display of some song-writing skills. I just hope they evolve their sound a bit to add a bit more diversity in their future releases.

4.250 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Apartment (03:55) 5
2. My Body (04:04) 5
3. I Got (04:19) 5
4. Cough Syrup (04:09) 5
5. God Made Man (04:47) 4
6. 12 Fingers (04:16) 4
7. Strings (04:10) 4
8. Your Side (03:51) 4
9. Garands (04:05) 4
10. St. Walker (04:08) 4
11. Islands (04:05) 3
12. Guns Out (04:44) 4