"S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability)" byJ-Live

S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability)

Triple Threat Productions


If you want to know why I love J-Live so much you can just take a listen to the semi-titular track "Spitta" off of this album as it I think it pretty well defines J-Live's politics when it comes to Hip-Hop music (which I agree with and support). I ordered this straight from the man himself and it came in a cardboard folding case (read: eco-friendly!) with the "Undivided Attention" EP (which I had already bought, 'cause I'm like a superfan and stuff...) plus! PLUS! An autograph from the man himself which read "Play it Loud". I did. It was dope.

Pronounced spitta
Grown man rap
No sinner
Timeless tracks
No litter
Smoke through mad packs of MC's since the ninteties
No quitter
Three's the company like John Ritter
Kept the light for the a alikes pro
Kids today bite similar styles they don't know
When I was your age conscious raps made mad dough
You listening to go and sell coke
Radio is quid pro quo
The videos they show are all dealing with gangsters, pimps, and hos
Not even trying to turn up my nose
But I know
We've got so much more to offer on the low
They run you like a remote control
The trolls run the bridge to the generation gap
Upping the toll
We just trying to feed your soul
Plant these seeds and shine so the youth can grow
Now let's go
- J-Live on "Pronounced Spitta"

Start Tangent:

I was watching the documentary "Nerdcore Rising" the other night. I didn't like it. It was all about Nerdcore Hip-Hop which - as a fellow Nerd - I can respect and occasionally chuckle at (Steven Hawking is a mother-fucking QUAKE MASTER). However, I can't say that I'm a fan of MC Frontalot's (the father of Nerdcore which is a genre of Hip-Hop that prides itself on talking about things you'd find on a Whiskey Media website) flow. It's just too one-note for my tastes even if he brings it with some quality (albeit NERDY [that's the point] zingers).

...anyhow, it had cameos from Prince Paul and J-Live. Prince Paul. And J-Live. And for J-Live's part, he was completely reasonable with his comments. J-Live is Hip-Hop to me. He's what's GOOD in Hip-Hop. So for him to be so cool with something that (sort of at the time of the documentary) is sort of on the fringes was nice to see....and we KNOW Prince Paul loves Nerdcore because he produced that MC Paul Barman record.

End Tangent.

So I was pretty nervous my last go-round reviewing a J-Live joint. The thing that concerned me in that review was the quality of the production. Well, J-Live's gotten better. It's at the point where I wouldn't be opposed to J-Live pulling a 9th Wonder and just producing an entire album for another artist (how about Pete Rock as the MC and J-Live as the producer? Better yet, let them take turns Jaylib style!).

J-Live's gotten better as a producer, but there are few joints on here that aren't quite fire. Thankfully there is enough fuel to burn the house down. But let's accentuate the positive. At 14 tracks you are allowed a few experimental/slower paced moments. Let's talk FIRE!

So. About "The Authentic". Hot DAMN! First of all, that's a Hip-Hop beat if I ever heard one. The concept on the album seems to center around J-Live's impressive ability to be MC, producer and DJ for the entire album. On this track the self-proclaimed "Doc Holiday of Hip-Hop" takes folks to SCHOOL and proves that his braggadocio does not come without backing substance. Ditto for "No Time To Waste", "Pronounced Spitta", and "Half A Glass".

J-Live is smart. He knows that Hip-Hop on the radio isn't all that Hip-Hop has to offer. He's careful not to come off as a hater. He's careful not to judge what's popular so as to seem like he's knocking the hustle. But I can identify with his sentiment of, "Look, make your money and good for you, but this art form has more to offer and in many ways is far away from where it began". It PAINS me that stuff like this is "underground" because it deserves better. Personally, I support artists who have messages that I believe in and believe me when I say that I put my wallet where my mouth is.

If J-Live is putting something out, I'm buying it and as long as J-Live keeps making quality records like this one, I expect that to continue.

4.083 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. As I Start (01:27)
2. From Scratch (03:44) 3
3. The Authentic (03:23) 5
4. Watch Sun Watch (04:01) 4
5. How I Feel, Part 3 (04:14) 4
6. The Me and You (03:48) 3
7. No Time to Waste (03:54) 5
8. Pronounced Spitta (04:10) 5
9. Life Comes in Threes (04:31) 3
10. Great Expectations (04:19) 3
11. Poetry in Ertia (04:41) 5
12. Home or Away (remix) (04:00) 4
13. Half a Glass (04:00) 5