"The Golden Age of Knowhere" by Funeral Party

Funeral Party
The Golden Age of Knowhere

Jive Records


Funeral Party are all frantic energy and raw emotion. The band's singer Chad Elliott is mostly screaming, but not enough to not be singing. I have no idea how old the band members are, but I can say that they sound young. Like angsty teenagers without brooding who would rather dance than break a window.

The Oracle (Wikipedia) tells me that they took their name from a song by The Cure. You probably wouldn't guess that except on a couple of spots on the album. To my ears, the band vacillates somewhere between The Strokes and early Killers (before they got all self-important, or at least until they started sounding like they thought they were self-important...they may have started out that way). Check out "Car Wars" and "Where Did It All Go Wrong" to see what I mean.

The band is my no means polished. Some of the stuff comes off as being a bit rushed and a bit imprecise. But it works. It works because of the emotion, perhaps it works because of that slightly desperate feeling you get from the music. It's not flashy at all. It's just solid, raw, emotive Rock music with an undertone of youth wanting to escape the confines of authority. Perhaps this can be best demonstrated by quoting "Just Because":

I figured out your world from night to day
I swear to God, I knew I would
But it became too easy to be good
When I would force it out, the words to say
That I'll be honest and be good
You wouldn't believe me if I would
'Cause it was covered all in disguise
Amazed and angered like
I lost my mind

I look forward to hearing the band get grow both in terms of precision and subject matter. But they are definitely a band to watch and have put out an amazing debut record.

4.455 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A. (04:32) 4
2. Car Wars (04:15) 5
3. Finale (04:15) 5
4. Where Did It Go Wrong (03:31) 5
5. Just Because (03:58) 5
6. Postcards of Persuasion (03:44) 4
7. Giant (03:23) 4
8. City in Silhouettes (03:44) 5
9. Youth and Poverty (03:27) 4
10. Relics to Ruins (03:32) 4
11. Golden Age of Knowhere (03:28) 4