"Passive Me, Aggressive You" by The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous
Passive Me, Aggressive You

Fiction Records


When I hear "Naked and Famous" I naturally think of Tricky. Not because I picture him naked, or because he's famous, but because he says "everybody wants to be naked and famous" over and over again on "Tricky Kid". However, when I heard "Young Blood" by "The Naked and Famous" I thought of Little Dragon rather than Tricky. However, after listening to the entire album more than a few times, I believe that they take more cues from Tricky than they do from Little Dragon.

If you picked this up and were expecting 13 tracks of songs that have that Pop-Rock goodness of "Young Blood" you might be disappointed. The album is far more experimental than that. That's not to say it doesn't have enjoyable moments - it's just that those moments occur when things move more towards that "Young Blood" sound than something Tricky might do. I think the closest the darker, heavier vibe comes to working really well is on the "Eraser-esque" track "The Sun".

Overall, I think that this is a good start but that the band is still figuring out their sound. Perhaps it comes together better live than on record? In fact, this is my strong suspicion after having heard them play live on KCRW. There are lots of moments here that seemed to flounder on the record but that if I imagined them in person those same lulls soar.

...I guess I'l just have to see them live to make sure.

3.545 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. All of This (03:55) 4
2. Punching in a Dream (03:58) 3
3. Frayed (03:46) 3
4. The Source (00:48)
5. The Sun (03:56) 4
6. Eyes (04:43) 3
7. Young Blood (04:06) 5
8. No Way (05:29) 3
9. Spank (04:10) 4
10. Jilted Lovers (03:15) 3
11. A Wolf in Geek's Clothing (03:14) 3
12. The Ends (01:49)
13. Girls Like You (06:04) 4