"Relax" by Das Racist

Das Racist



...I don't mean that personally (I don't know the guy). But the Patrick Wimberly produced tracks on this record? At 14 tracks deep, cut his contributions to the album, and it becomes much more solid.

Way back when I heard "Who's That Brown?" and then saw the 8-bit game of it on Das Racist's website, I was offically geeked about them. Even more so because they are so clearly aware that don't look like the type of folks who are usually doing big things in the world of Hip-Hop (an Indian and a Latino?). As a brown person myself, I was even more geeked. There's a reason for their hype as well, lyrically their delivery is a bit lazy but also hot. They rhyme about all sorts of everyday things like video games, hamburgers, weed, Lockheed martin, Ronny James Dio, whatever...but I'm getting off topic.

Das Racist lives and dies by the production. When the production is uninteresting, Das Racist is uninteresting. So for a good portion of this album, I'm not feeling it. It doesn't really wake the funk up until El-P drops by with some damaging versus and an intergalactically heavy beat.

So it is with this album. Das Racist have some fire lyrics, but unless the beats can elevate their lyrical style and delivery, they get lazy. "Rainbow In The Dark" probably represents them at their most Hip-Hop, but I would say that their broad appeal and potential is more evident on the Diplo assisted "Happy Rappy" or the ready for the radio "Booty In The Air".

This album is well worth checking out, but it could have been even better with a more selective approach to the production.

3.571 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Relax (04:29) 3
2. Michael Jackson (04:17) 3
3. Brand New Dance (03:02) 4
4. Middle of the Cake (feat. Anand Wilder) (03:45) 2
5. Girl (03:24) 3
6. Shut Up, Man (feat. El-P) (03:39) 5
7. Happy Rappy (02:21) 4
8. Booty in the Air (03:46) 4
9. Power (feat. Danny Brown and Despot) (04:50) 4
10. Punjabi Song (feat. Bikram Singh) (03:33) 5
11. Selena (03:38) 2
12. Rainbow in the Dark (03:51) 5
13. The Trick (03:02) 3
14. Celebration (02:43) 3