"In This Light and on This Evening" by Editor

In This Light and on This Evening



From the sounds of it, the Editors have gone a bit like the way that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs did in 2009 with a lot more synthesizer sounds. This is a welcome change and something that could very well differentiate this band from the likes of The National and Interpol. Interpol disappointed this year with more of the same and The National were pretty good at more of the same. But The Editors? By going with a more industrial sound they have put together a very good album.

I would not have pegged this sound for this band and it works so damn well. The subject matter is still dark and opaque and the essence of their sound remains as the same as ever so don't think of this as a complete reinvention of the sound that many (such as myself) have come to know and love (have you got your membership card to the Baritone Rock Fans yet?).

But you will be asking yourself whether this is even the same band or not. "Papillion" could have been a Depeche Mode song and "The Big Exit" could have been a Nine Inch Nails song.

"You Don't Know Love " is amazing and is proof that adding those guitar effects and incorporating that synth sound was a good idea.

The album is not perfect - "Walk The Fleet Road" and "The Big Exit" don't work for me - but for the most part I love this slight shift in direction for Editors. In the contest to be the best of the baritone post-punk Rock band, I think that Editors have come up on top by adopting a technique that worked really well for Yeah Yeah Yeahs...and the trend for retro elements in modern Rock continues its successful run!

4.000 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. In This Light and on This Evening (04:19) 4
2. Bricks and Mortar (06:20) 4
3. Papillon (05:21) 5
4. You Don't Know Love (04:37) 5
5. The Big Exit (04:43) 3
6. The Boxer (04:39) 5
7. Like Treasure (04:50) 4
8. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool (04:53) 4
9. Walk the Fleet Road (03:46) 3
10. This House Is Full of Noise (06:21) 3
11. I Want a Forest (03:59) 4
12. A Life as a Ghost (04:33) 3
13. Human (03:12) 5
14. For the Money (05:53) 4