"Come Around Sundown" by Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon
Come Around Sundown

RCA Records


My wife is a HUGE Kings of Leon fan. As for me? I love the band but I'm starting to feel like they might be repeating themselves a bit too much. I thought that maybe it would just be a case of fatigue, so I wanted to give someone who is less grumpy to take a listen to the new Kings Of Leon album "Come Around Sundown" and give their opinions. Surprisingly I found myself agreeing 100% with what she had to say.

Sonink supporter and wife of the editor says about Kings of Leon:

When I heard the Kings of Leon's latest album "Come Around Sundown" for the first time, it sounded very similar to their last album. Then I listened to the album again and noticed that there was a different sound on some of the songs. Most of the songs on this album featured the bass player more prominently than on previous albums. Of course, Caleb Followill's voice was once again distinctive in all the songs.

The song "Beach Side" is a catchy song that will stick in your head throughout the day. The Kings of Leon tried to change their sound on "Mary" to be more country - which was a change that I didn't like. Personally, I think they should have stayed in the Rock genre.

Once I heard, "The End" all wanted to do was get a glass of wine and be in front of a fire. "The Immortal" is a great combination of slow and fast rhythms and "Beach Side" makes me want to dance in my car while singing along.

Overall the album has quite a few great songs. Kings of Leon tried to do something different this time in parts and that something was too be a bit more Country while they stayed true to their sound on the rest of the songs.

After discussing the album with her, she agreed that the best songs were those that were more of the same and that the Country songs didn't work for us and finally that when they do their sound well, us fans are happy. She didn't mention the fact that there are also many songs where they don't do themselves that well...so there you go. Hopefully, their next album won't be more of the same but won't be too country either.

3.462 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. The End (04:24) 5
2. Radioactive (03:26) 3
3. Pyro (04:10) 3
4. Mary (03:25) 1
5. The Face (03:28) 4
6. The Immortals (03:28) 5
7. Back Down South (04:01) 3
8. Beach Side (02:50) 5
9. No Money (03:05) 5
10. Pony Up (03:04) 3
11. Birthday (03:15) 3
12. Mi Amigo (04:06) 2
13. Pickup Truck (04:44) 3