"keepthefunkalive" by devonwho


All City Dublin


devonwho is another producer getting some buzz in the beat music scene. His contemporaries are peeps like Shlom, Shigeto and Baths. This short-EP seems to be a pretty promising introduction to the man. With a title like "keepthefunkalive" there had better be some funk to be found on this one, right? Well, thankfully there is.

In particular on "keepthefunkalive" - the track, that is - devonwho isn't kidding around with the concept of keeping the funk alive. This sounds like beat music Roger Troutman and is an entertaining modern take on "The Funk" not dissimilar to Dam Funk's last album. This continues on "Red" with the marriage of playful beat music and Funk continues it's joyful consummation. The bassline is really what makes the track funky.

While the first two tracks do a good job of being fun and funky, the third track "Stile" falls a bit flat. Ironically my favorite song on the album is the least funky in "Tracklift" and has more in common with that electronic beat music weirdness that I've come to love.

If the "Shlomo" and "Baths" albums were your cup of tea, definitely give this EP a look. Plus, it's like $4 on amazon. Stop being so cheap and start being more funky.

3.500 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. keepthefunkalive (02:42) 4
2. Red (02:45) 4
3. Stile (02:30) 3
4. Tracklift (03:23) 3