"Ardour" by Teebs




It seems strange to write this, but I think that "Ardour" by Teebs works better as an experience than any single song on the album would work as a single. This isn't music that you just take in one piece at a time. I really think that it is made better by taking it in whole. This experience runs contrary to the way that people are consuming music today and in many ways demonstrates the anachronistic conundrum of this site's very existence. In the age where "most people just press shuffle" or where you can choose to download an album piece-meal - if at all - why bother to even attempt to consume an entire collection of music in a single sitting? Well, because of albums like "Ardour".

I need to call this out right away: almost nothing on this album really would survive on its own without proper album context. That's just how I feel (so much so that when there was a vocal performance on the track "Long Distance" it came as a major shock to me). I'm sure people will disagree with me, but hear me out. Each and every one of the tracks on this album is an excellent beat music composition. This is all soothing, rhythmic and dynamic sound meant to take your mind to someplace it hasn't been in a while. If you need something to convince you to listen to the rest, you can start with "Double Fifths" (makes me think of mermaids and swimming underwater through Atlantis), "Lakeshore Ave", "Arthur's Birds" (so dope it caused a tweet), and "Autumns Antique". Yet, these songs constitute a mere 22% of the entire album. Furthermore, if you only buy these songs you'd be doing yourself a great disservice because the entire album consumed in one sitting represents a gestalt more satisfying than a few pieces consumed out of context.

So if I have to look at this album in terms of its individual parts, some are stronger than others. On the whole, however, this represents beat music at it's finest. I'm talking about transformational experiences through sonic goodness that words can only hint at. Let's drop the hyperbole for a moment and be direct: I think that beat music experts will get so much more out of this than the casual fan. That isn't to say that it is inaccessible, but just to say that by no means will any part of this play successfully on the radio. What I would recommend is that if you dig at all any of the stuff that we post in this particular genre, pick up this album, find yourself some time to yourself (you deserve it) to listen to this from start to finish. Hopefully, you will find it as amazing as I did.

3.944 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. You've Changed (02:13) 4
2. Bound Ball (02:08) 4
3. Double Fifths (02:13) 5
4. While You Doooo (01:32) 3
5. Moments (02:35) 4
6. Burner (03:14) 4
7. Wind Loop (03:16) 4
8. Lakeshore Ave. (01:47) 5
9. Arthur's Birds (05:18) 5
10. Gordon (03:28) 3
11. Bern Rhythm (02:37) 4
12. Felt Tip (03:01) 3
13. King Bathtub (02:57) 4
14. My Whole Life (03:13) 3
15. Long Distance (feat. Gaby Hernandez) (02:55) 5
16. Why Like This (02:59) 3
17. Humming Birds (04:40) 3
18. Autumn Antique (01:57) 5