"Crazy for You" by Best Coast

Best Coast
Crazy for You

Mexican Summer


Best Coast is the favorite band of that really cute, really cool girl who you wish you had the nerve to ask out. If that opening statement seems to come from a uniquely frustrated male nerd perspective, and if that is something that bothers you because you are a looking for a uniquely female perspective on emotional longing, then this album is still for you.

Nothing makes me happy
Not even TV or a bunch of weed
- Bethany Cosentino on "Goodbye"

Wikipedia calls Crazy For You, "low-fidelity sound in the vein of surf rock" and as much as I hate to admit that the Oracle is right, the Oracle is sort of right. Bethany Cosentino is the name of the band's lead singer, and in many ways her singing reminds me of Andrea Zollo from Pretty Girls Make Graves - they both have the same sort of lazy intensity (I know that sounds weird, but if you listen to the music for a while, you'll understand). The subject matter here is all Gwen Stefani-like; very earnest pronouncements concerning the mating game from a woman's perspective. Peep the lyrics from "Crazy For You":

I can't do anything without you
I can't do anything with you
You drive me crazy but I love you
You make me lazy but I love you

What you are in store here is some very impressive dirty guitars and earnest vocal performances. There's not a lot of studio polish on this album at all. There's no gloss, no shine, nada. And for this group, it works really well. This isn't really "surf rock" per se...I mean there are a few songs that might bring that aesthetic to mind - specifically "The End" and "When I'm With You"

...but there's a bit more early Rock and Roll influence than you might expect - and a whole lot more gravity than you might expect from something that Wavves might do. Ironically my favorite song on this set is the most irreverent of the album. I am referring to "Bratty B"

Pick up the phone
I want to talk
About my day
It really sucked
The sun was out
I thought I was fine
But then you slipped into my mind
I want to see you buy I know I can't
'Cause your not home
You're never home
I can't remember why you left
And why you took back all your stuff
I'm sorry you lost your favorite T-Shirt
I'll buy you a new one
A better one

I am really impressed by this album. I didn't expect to have such a strong reaction to it, but yeah, I did and I love it. On the negative side, there are some songs that end up really great but take too long and make us listen to a bit too much whining to get there (see "Summer Mood", "I Want You" and "Honey") and my favorite songs are over so quickly! But hey, nobody ever lacked for customers by leaving them wanting for more. "Best Coast" has put together a great little Rock record with minimal muss and fuss and you should pick it up right now.

4.154 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Boyfriend (02:29) 5
2. Crazy for You (01:50) 4
3. The End (02:42) 5
4. Goodbye (02:40) 5
5. Summer Mood (02:25) 3
6. Our Deal (02:07) 5
7. I Want To (02:45) 3
8. When the Sun Don't Shine (02:16) 4
9. Bratty B (01:43) 5
10. Honey (03:01) 3
11. Happy (01:44) 4
12. Each and Everyday (02:52) 3
13. When I'm With You (02:58) 5