"A Miraculous Kind of Machine" by Junk Science

Junk Science
A Miraculous Kind of Machine

Modern Shark


Man, I hope the major label Junk Science album that you'll never hear wasn't Gran Dad's Nerve Tonic. I loved that album! I played it over and over again. So did lightening string again? Well, sort of...

For me, Junk Science excel at songs like "Fire Drill". "Fire Drill" is the promise of Junk Science delivered. On this track, they serve up that near-breathless flow that just rides a hype beat like nobody's business (well, this side of Styles of Beyond). I tweeted that this track was so ill you need a surgical mask just to listen to it, and I meant it.

This is a fire drill
Science on the flyer, ill
The energy is high but we can go a little higher still
On the count of three tell me what your name is and he who screams the loudest will instantly be famous

For me the more "sticky" the drum break, the better the Junk Science song. What do I mean by "sticky"? I mean some dirty sounding snare drums as sampled from some old funk record that has been played so many times that you can hear the scratches on the record. Something that the MC's can ride. Like on "Really, Man."

...Ill, no? (Dope video as well! Love that homage to John Lennon). But the thing is that Junk Science slow things down on this album a bit too much for their own good. When they are on some dirty, sticky, hype beats everything is beyond copacetic, but slow it down too much and I'm losing interest. So you've got "Words From The Boro Prez" on the negative end, and "Fire Drill" on the other.

Elsewhere, you get a good mix of compelling Junk Science goodness...in particular, "Millins" comes to mind. The song is introduced with a nice heavy Filipino accent. I believe this is a play off the "A milly" beat made famous and remixed time and time again by Lil' Wayne. An appearance by Cool Calm Pedro is always welcome, and it's almost as if this beat was made especially to suit his appearance. Yes, this one is a bit slower than the comfort zone of Junk Science, but it does have that trademarked sticky-ass drums as a selling point.

For folks that are new to Junk Science, this isn't a better intro than their previous album. However, there are some moments on here that are pure gold. If you dig the high-points, you'll want to look into their previous effort. On the other hand, this isn't a bad album at all...just not their best. Bonus points for eliminating the curses, but next time, keep that tempo up because that is where y'all shine!

3.615 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. The Syllabus (02:45) 4
2. Fire Drill (04:30) 5
3. Cark Kent (02:15) 4
4. Really, Man (02:33) 5
5. The Important Thing (01:50)
6. Monty Flython (feat. Scott Thorough) (03:49) 3
7. Sailing (02:53) 3
8. I Want to Speak to You (00:37)
9. Millins (feat. Cool Calm Pete) (03:59) 4
10. Words From the Boro Prez (feat. Tone Tank) (02:06) 2
11. No Matter Rap (03:48) 4
12. Steel Will (feat. Cavalier) (04:07) 4
13. You Don't Like Music (01:12)
14. First Snow (01:48) 3
15. Running Shoes (04:39) 3
16. Miraculous Machines (Linda Gold) (feat. Gene Stoval) (03:49) 3