"Forgiveness Rock Record" by Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene
Forgiveness Rock Record

City Slang


An amazing example of teamwork, a great Indy Rock record, and a whole bunch of songs that are not going to be leaving your head anytime soon.

Broken Social Scene are like the Indy Rock "Wu-Tang Clan". Check out their appearance on Letterman to see what I mean:

...one of the first comments on the YouTube page proclaims that "They had room on the stage for another 5 or 6 people, slackers".

I agree.

With that many people in the group, it is amazing to me that this record sounds so cohesive. It's like an all-star team rarity where the individual egos are held in check just enough for everyone to play their assigned roles to create an amazing team experience as opposed to a few amazing plays that result in a loss.

This is a very remarkable record and one that I have throughouly enjoyed listening to over and over and over again. As previously stated, the sense of cohesion here is amazing. Perhaps because of the sheer number of performers, the record sounds like a giant orchestra of indy rock goodness and the group does a good job of mixing up the sound from track to track.

"Chase Scene" has an almost theatrical sort of feel to it and a real sense of tension that I just love...it reminds of a sinister version of The Pointer Sister's I'm so excited. "Art House Director" is very differnt in that it goes for a more playful feel. I don't quite get the whole "Art House Director" concept anymore than I understand what the heck a "Texico Bitch Is" (I think it's more about sounding cool rather than being about anything too meaningful. Perhaps it's about some annoying girls who hang out at the Texico station in their Volvo, but what do I know?), but both are barrels of infectiousness.

The band is performing "Forced To Love" in the Lettermen clip and I had this song stuck in my head for a week and half after first hearing it. For the week, I didn't mind so much. For the half, however - that's another story. I mean, I love this song - on fact it is amongst my favorite on the album - but I needed to make room for other tracks to play again and again in my brain, and this one just wouldn't let go.

But the song that stuck with me more than any of the others was "Sweetest Kill". The entire album is impressive lyrically, but "Sweetest Kill" is a song that you feel in you heart. It makes you feel a bit depressed at some times and for me, it gave me that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that you get when you think of something that causes you great pain.

I thought you were the sweetest kill
Did I even know?
And all the time we thought we did
Was it just for show?

If they try to pull you out
Would you even go?
I thought you were the sweetest kill
Did you even know?

I held your hand until the light
The scars were on the back
And all the time we were the right
Was it just retract?

What can I say, I love this album a whole heck of a lot. This is indy rock gold and so what if they have more members than the Wu-Tang clan, they still sound like a single unit. At 14 tracks, sure there are few tracks that don't impress as well as the others, but that's small gripe (every album has a few songs you like less than the others).

4.071 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. World Sick (06:47) 4
2. Chase Scene (03:31) 5
3. Texico Bitches (03:49) 4
4. Forced to Love (03:34) 5
5. All to All (04:49) 5
6. Art House Director (03:32) 5
7. Highway Slipper Jam (04:26) 4
8. Ungrateful Little Father (06:41) 3
9. Meet Me in the Basement (03:43) 3
10. Sentimental X's (05:40) 3
11. Sweetest Kill (05:09) 5
12. Romance to the Grave (04:47) 5
13. Water in Hell (04:24) 3
14. Me and My Hand (02:05) 3