"Mislead Into a Field by a Deformed Deer" by The Internal Tulips

The Internal Tulips
Mislead Into a Field by a Deformed Deer

Planet Mu


Man I'm stressed out. Who isn't, right? The news is filed with mostly bad news; earthquakes, volcanos erupting, falling stock market indexes, Chatroulette. Times like this, you need something to listen to that can put your mind in another place. If you're ready to chill, and I mean, REALLY chiil, then listen to some of this right here.

So what is this exactly? I mean, this is a bit out there, even by electronic standards. It's like Grizzly Bear on Ambien (I mean like the band Grizzly Bear, not like an actual animal. Though that would be pretty funny, come to think of it). Listening to this at times gave me the feeling that I was listening to some chopped up old Beatles ("Long Thin Heart" and "We Breathe") or Elvis records, or even some old Brit-Pop ("Fixed Confidence" could be a Blur song). "Arlie" reminded me of a really slowed down Bibio song. In fact, all of it has been slowed way down. It is also hard to liten to any track here just on its own. It seems like this was meant to be consumed in one giant serving. It's a bit too melodic to be called ambient but there are plenty of moments of odd ambientness (samples of birds chirping, streams of water, etc...all heavily processed through a computer).

This is downtempo or chill for people that are too tired even to chill but just can't be bothered enough to sleep. Standouts for me "We Breathe", "Talking Hoshazki Blues", and "Arlie".

If you like Bibio, but thought his stuff was just too fast, or you've always wanted to know what a chilled out electronic version of Grizzly Bear would sound like, we'll, then you're in luck! This could be the most relaxing thing you've ever heard, or it could put you to sleep. I guess it depends on whether or not you can get behind this sort of ultra-experimental and abstract electronic music. At least it made me think of angels playing harps on impossibly low handing clouds while I rested peacefully nearby.

4.000 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. 1/2 Retarded Tuner of Hurricanes (01:15)
2. Bee Calmed (02:16)
3. 9 Tomorrows (03:16)
4. Arlie (02:24)
5. Dead Arm Blues #b510 (01:25)
6. Talking Hoshizaki Blues (02:48)
7. Mr. Baby (04:35)
8. Songbird (03:12)
9. Parasol (03:10)
10. Fixed Confidence (04:48)
11. Long Thin Heart (01:33)
12. Invalid Terrace (05:19)
13. We Breathe (02:59)