"Of the Blue Colour of the Sky" by Ok Go

Ok Go
Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

Capitol Records


Ok Go is well known on these internets for their crazy viral videos Because of that, it's easy to forget that the are actually a pretty good band. This time they are at their best when they are channeling The Purple One, and the strongest tracks on this Ok-Go-Round are those that do just that.

The viral video this time is actually accompanied by an odd choice of song, as I feel it doesn't represent the best tracks on the album effectively.

I would have gone with something like the standout "WTF?" (I mean, c'mon, "WTF" is already an internet ready song title and the song is much better than "This Too Shall Pass"). On first listen I said to myself, "Damn this is a heavy track!". Then I double-checked to make sure I was in fact listening to an Ok Go song. The bassline on "WTF?" is HEAVY and passed through lots of reverb. Also dig the Prince-vibe. Damien Kulash has a high-mother-funking voice.

The most egregious "Out-Prince'ing Of Prince" is "White Knuckles". Maybe "Ok Go" were performing this down the street from Morris Day's club. Everything on this track screams his Prince-ness from the vocal performance to the funk-inspired guitar melodies and backup synth. If "White Knuckles" is "balls-to-the-wall" Prince, then "Skyscrappers" is "break it down" Prince. Still, dude is screaming his ass off and the performances are really tight so I think that Prince would be proud.

For me, the further away from Prince the songs get, the less interesting they got to me. Everything here is decent, but the standout tracks really standout from the rest that seem more geared toward the hardcore Ok Go fan as opposed to the mainstream Ok Go fan who might only know them from their viral videos.

So what's the word on this? Well, if you are a hardcore Ok Go fan, pick up the whole thing. If you are a casual Ok Go fan, then peep "WTF?", "Skyscrappers", "White Knuckles", and "End Love".

3.846 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. WTF? (03:24) 5
2. This Too Shall Pass (03:08) 3
3. All Is Not Lost (02:43) 4
4. Needing/Getting (05:13) 4
5. Skyscrapers (04:38) 5
6. White Knuckles (03:18) 5
7. I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe (03:22) 4
8. End Love (04:05) 5
9. Before the Earth Was Round (04:09) 3
10. Last Leaf (02:33) 3
11. Back From Kathmandu (04:12) 3
12. While You Were Asleep (04:24) 3
13. In the Glass (06:03) 3