"Lost" by Cool Calm Pete

Cool Calm Pete

Embedded Records


I didn't realize how much I missed listening to this album until Pete's guest spot on the Time Machine record. Hopefully, he's somewhere working on a new record. In the meantime, for those of you unfamiliar with "Cool Calm Pedro" prepare for some excellent beats and clever stream of consciousness/barely coherent rhymes that you will probably have to listen to a few times to understand (think Ghostface over some mellow beats minus the Wu-Tang baggage).

I say barely coherent and I think a sample is in order. Peep the following lines from "The List"

So don't sleep watch me chop these veggies
Beats get jacked-son
First name Reggie
Ready the confetti queue the lifes tune
Instant winner fire, hail, monsoon soon
Earthquakes, eruptions, electrical storms, a landslide
The list goes on

The title "Lost" refers to feelings of paranoia and isolation related to day to day life in the NYC. For the most part, Pete does not stray far from this perspective and it works well for him (I refer directly to the titular "Lost" and the "it's no fun to watch the news" track "Tune In").

For evidence of Pete's abilities look no further than the rapid-fire, old school inspired breath control showcase "Windsprints" where for four minutes Pete spits line after line of pure battle rap. The man's breath control is ridiculous here (would Pun be proud?) and Pete has no qualms about letting you know that (um, by saying "Breath Control" after every breathless verse).

Another track I need to address directly is the not-so-subtly named "F#$%@#$%Ck Yoooouuuu". This track is flat out hilarious! I can't think of a novelty hip-hop song that is put together so well. The rock inspired sample coupled with the belligerent topic is something that ODB might have rhymed on if he were still alive (RIP). Plus, the R&B styled chorus that kicks in at the end make me laugh out loud every time I hear it.

Pete oozes charisma even if he doesn't always make sense. Be sure to check out "Two A.M." where Pete shows us how he runs his game over a slow calypso-inspired beat.

Standouts for me are the previously mentioned "Tune In" - which also contains the most coherent of Pete's rhymes on the entire album - and the two-songs-in-one "Dinner and a Movie" where Pete lets you know how he makes his money and the troubles he gets into trying to spend it on a lady.

Cool Calm Pete is nice and he'd love the opportunity to tell you about it. The only song that doesn't work for me on the album is the slightly corny "Brush P.S.A." The rest of the album though is a nice trip through the mind of a talented if a bit paranoid Korean hip-hopper struggling to survive life and the ladies in the NYC.

As he says on "Dinner And A Movie"

So nice you had to say it twice like
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice
Calm Pete, psych

Or maybe better yet on "Lost"

Got rhymes, got beats
No kids, no spouse
It's my turn baby
I'ma turn it out

4.583 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Intro (02:29)
2. Lost (04:12) 5
3. The List (03:26) 5
4. Cloudy (03:13) 4
5. Wind Sprints (04:11) 5
6. Cool Calm Science (03:47) 4
7. Fuck Yooouu (feat. Thirstin Howl & Lathia Black) (04:21) 4
8. 2 A.M. (03:05) 5
9. New Jack Biddie (feat. Jaymanila and Jungle Mike) (03:38) 5
10. Tune In (03:35) 5
11. Lost Interlude (01:58)
12. Dinner and a Movie (05:28) 5
13. Brush P.S.A. (feat. Jungle Mike) (02:37) 3
14. Wishes and Luck (06:01) 5