"Fantasies" by Metric


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Metric have created a great Pop/Rock record.

Which is also to say that this album is more accessible than their other records. Thematically, I loved the woman's perspective that is brought into the songwriting. I also really enjoyed the lyrics themselves as we get ten tracks that discuss anxiety ("Help I'm Alive", longing "Satellite Mind", the desire to be out of love "Sick Muse", believing in your dreams "Twilight Galaxy", and perhaps best of all how some people are never satisfied monetarily, sexually or otherwise ("Gold Guns Girls") - to name a few.

Speaking of "Sick Muse" specifically, I think this is the kind of song that should be on repeat on the radio. With its catchy chorus and well-written lyrics.

Watch out cupid stuck me with a sickness
Pull your little arrows out and let me live my life
You'd better watch out cupid stuck me with a sickness
Pull your little arrows out, let me live my life
The one I better lead
All the blondes are fantasies

As the title makes clear, the songs are rife with the ideas and dreams that everyone makes a part of their fantasies. That's what is really great about the album to me is that the songs are so catchy that you could ignore the lyrics and still have a good time with them. Except that when you actually listen to what singer Emily Haines is saying, you'll find yourself fascinated by how much she has to say. I think I could actually look through the lyrics the way that I would a hip-hop record where I'm looking for quotable after quotable to tell my friends about. For example this line from Satellite Mind:

I'm not suicidal, I just can't get out of bed

Classic. Or even this from the standout "Gold Guns Girls"

All the lace
And the skin
In the shop
Couldn't get you off
All the toys
And the tools
In the box
Couldn't get you off

(Who doesn't have a friend that way, by the way ;) )

This album is poppy Rock that you don't have to be embarrassed to listen to and I found myself listening to it on repeat right after I bought it...here's to hoping it has the same effect on you.

4.800 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Help I’m Alive (04:46) 4
2. Sick Muse (04:17) 5
3. Satellite Mind (03:43) 5
4. Twilight Galaxy (04:53) 5
5. Gold Guns Girls (04:05) 5
6. Gimmie Sympathy (03:54) 5
7. Collect Call (04:46) 4
8. Front Row (03:35) 5
9. Blindness (04:27) 5
10. Stadium Love (04:16) 5
11. Gold Guns Girls (Acoustic) (03:09)
12. Help I'm Alive (Acoustic) (03:28)
13. Waves (Exclusive B-side) (03:05)
14. The Gates (Exclusive B-side) (03:12)
15. Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) (00:00)
16. Sick Muse (Adam Freeland Remix) (00:00)