"Los Angeles" by Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus
Los Angeles

Warp Records


A couple of years ago I had no idea who the hell Flying Lotus was. Now I can't get enough of his stuff.

But the homie Shawn "the Logo" Jackson in his usual succinct and yet convincing way brought the music stylings of "Mr. Lotus" - as I like to call him (ok, not really) - to me with his usual, "Yo dogg, you gotta peep this". I already had a great love of instrumental hip-hop - DJ Cam's "Mad Blunted Jazz" got me through college - so FlyLo was a perfect fit for me.

Which brings us to "Los Angeles. This record gives me the feeling of being up at 3am hanging out with friends after a massive celebration where everyone got along just fine.

Keeping with other Flying Lotus releases, the beats are infused with just the right amount of static and obscure drums to bring to mind memories of an old-45 spinning on your grandfather's record player. For the most part the vibe on the album remains mellow sci-fi with a twist of mystery. Vocals are sparsely used on the record, but when they are it is to great effect. If you haven't heard "Roberta Flack (feat. Dolly)" yet, what are you waiting for? Get that track right now and listen to it for the perfect example of a great Flying Lotus track .

There are a couple of tracks that don't hold my attention as much as the others. But overall, if you are looking for something to mellow out to and vibe with, you can't go wrong with this record.

I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that fantastic video for the track "Parisian Goldfish". To put it simply, the video actually made me love the song even more. You can check it out here, but um...you might want to not look at it at work. since there is some, um, strongly suggested abstract nudity.

4.333 out of 5

Track Ratings

1. Intro (01:47)
2. I'm Innocent (03:53) 5
3. Lookin' Fly (feat. will.i.am) (03:59) 3
4. The Science (04:55) 5
5. Can It Be (Half a Million Dollars and 18 Months Later) (03:42) 4
6. Everything (03:34) 4
7. Road Is My Religion (04:13) 3
8. Sooo Comfortable (05:02) 5
9. Time Is Now (feat. Snoop Dogg) (04:55) 4
10. Think You Know Me (04:00) 3
11. Me and This Jawn (03:57) 4
12. Love and Appreciate II (feat. Tyler Woods) (04:31) 4
13. A Part of Me (04:22) 3
14. Break Up (The OJ Song) (04:08) 4
15. Breakthrough (04:05) 4